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Single Replacement Blade

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  • We are the first company to offer replacement blades! Our competitors don’t do this.
  • Perhaps you would rather buy a set of 2 for only $22.99 each (Less than $11.50 each).
  • Click here to download a "How To" poster for replacing your blade.
  • We accept school Purchase Orders!
  • Perfect fit for the Groovy Green, Precious Pink, Midnight Black, Firehouse Red, Popular Purple, Hello Yellow and Cool Blue sharpeners.
  • This blade also fits a Carl Angel 5 Pencil Sharpener. (Please confirm that your Carl blade is not a threaded screw-on, as some Carl sharpeners have this type of replacement blade.)
  • Does not fit our Car Sharpener or Large Hole Sharpener.
  • Extend the life of your Pencil Sharpener at a fraction of the cost.  Another 5,000 sharpens!
  • No need to replace the entire base; just the blade! You get to save money and be more kind to the environment.
  • Free shipping to the USA 🇺🇸 on orders over $19.98. International orders can use our eBay store as it provides international mail forwarding. 🌍

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 Replacement Blades for Pencil Sharpeners


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