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School Purchase Orders

There are 3 options for submitting a School PO:

1) Online. Scroll below and complete the online form. (This is the easiest and quickest method.)

2) By email. Please complete this order form, scan it and email it as a PDF to

3) By fax. Please complete this order form and fax it to 888-489-0868. Please include your email address within the fax.

We accept purchase orders from schools as well as PTO/PTA groups. All orders must be shipped to a valid school address. PTO/PTA groups without a valid school purchase order number may simply enter "PO#12345" when submitting their order.

All payments are due within 30 days of receiving your shipment. 

Please submit your PO by one method only to avoid duplication.

If you require our W9 please click here.


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