The sharpener that all the teachers are talking about!  

Teacher Special 3 Green (Buy 3 for only $17.99 each)

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  • This is approximately a 30% savings per sharpener!
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  • We accept school Purchase Orders!
  • Get 3 sharpeners for your own classroom or perhaps share one with a fellow teacher or friend. (You know you can't stand it when they borrow yours!)
  • Sorry, but all 3 sharpeners must be the same color when buying a Teacher Special.
  • Position them in different locations within your classroom to avoid "sharpening traffic jams." 
  • Clamps included.
  • This price of $53.97 is similar to what you may have paid for a single sharpener at any local stationery store. For this same price, you can get three amazing sharpeners!
  • Three's a charm, and they are only $17.99 each with FREE shipping.
  • Sorry, we ship to the USA only.

Click here to view our Permanent Sharpener Mounts. This is for anyone who prefers to keep their sharpener securely in place. 

Presently I do not sell these on Amazon. You must purchase from my website to get an original Classroom Friendly Sharpener.

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