The sharpener that all the teachers are talking about!  

About Us

Welcome teachers, homeschoolers and pencil lovers.

Are you completely fed up with your current wall mounted or electric pencil sharpener? I was too!

I am an elementary school teacher and the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies. I first started selling these sharpeners after realizing that many fellow teachers were also completely fed up with the loud and inefficient pencil sharpeners that they had in their classrooms. 

If you would like to eliminate the annoyance of your current classroom pencil sharpener then you have come to the right place. Order yours today by clicking here

I have thousands of happy customers and the feedback has all been consistently the same and extremely positive. 

As teachers are obviously my biggest customers, I gladly accept school purchase orders. Please check this out in my School Purchase Orders tab above.

I hope to see your order soon.




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