The sharpener that all the teachers are talking about!  

School Special 36 Blue (Only $13.99 each)

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  • This is approximately a 45% discount per sharpener!
  • Buy full cases of 36 and pay only $13.99 per sharpener. 
  • All 36 sharpeners must be the same color when buying full cases.
  • Clamps included.
  • School Purchase Orders are accepted. Submit your PO in the tab above.
  • Ask your principal or PTO to order these for the entire school.  
  • Sorry, we ship to the USA only.

Click here to view our Permanent Sharpener Mounts. This is for anyone who prefers to keep their sharpener securely in place. 


Presently I do not sell these on Amazon. You must purchase from my website to get an original Classroom Friendly Sharpener.


How to Operate

How to Operate the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

1) Pull the silver face forward until it locks in place.

2) Pinch the 2 black knobs together and insert your pencil completely into the sharpener. When you release the knobs they will hold the pencil securely in place.

3) Place one hand on top of the sharpener to hold it secure.  Do not hold onto the pencil while sharpening.

4) Turn the handle clockwise to sharpen. The face will pull the pencil in automatically. The handle will spin freely once the pencil is fully sharpened.

5) Pinch the 2 black knobs to release the pencil once sharpened.


A perfect sharpen every time!


*For tips on how to repair your sharpener please visit



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